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The Day of...

Alyssa McClure - April 10, 2016

Everyone talks about preparing your wedding, but not many remind you to prepare yourself. Your big day is going to be a whirlwind of new emotions and experiences. Following this advice will help you be ready to savor every moment of the happiest day of your life.

Go to Bed Early

If you're anything like me, it's almost impossible to sleep when you have something super exciting happening the next day. That's why it's super important to go to bed early. Your wedding day is going to be long and extremely emotional. You need rest to get through it. It's probably going to take you awhile to get to sleep with all of that going through your mind, so give yourself plenty of time to rest. And if you're a night owl, it's best to get to bed early all week. It takes a couple days to adjust your sleep schedule, and you may not sleep well the first night you head off to bed early.


Working with brides every day, I've heard hundreds say "I'm just not going to eat all day, so I know I will fit into my dress." I cannot emphasize strongly enough that this is a BAD decision. Just like you need sleep, you need food for energy. At the very least, eat breakfast. It is more likely than not that no matter what kind of meal you have planned, you won't be getting to eat much at your reception. Stop at Starbucks and get a small breakfast sandwich to keep you going while you get ready.
Pro Tip: Ask the Starbucks barista to write "Bride" on your cup. Have your bridal party get their titles on their cups as well. This is always a great photo!

Take a Few Minutes to Yourself

Even if you can only sneak five minutes when you first get out of bed, take a little time for yourself. Getting married is life changing and amazing; take a few minutes to be alone. Whether you pray, meditate, or just sit, it's important to give yourself a little bit of time to calm your nerves, relax your thoughts, and get excited for the rest of your life.

Have Fun with Your Friends

Getting married can be nerve wracking. Keep it fun and light hearted with your bridal party. When my best friend got married she had all her bridesmaids gather in a room before the wedding for a Taylor Swift dance party. Not only did it keep the stress down, but it was a moment none of us will ever forget. When we go back and talk about her wedding now, it's brought up every time. It made us feel close and excited us for what was about to happen. It's important to remember to just enjoy being surrounded by people who love you.

Don't Let Anything Ruin It

Something will go wrong. It will. There is a 0% chance that every single thing will go off without a hitch. At this point, the most important thing is that you get to marry the love of your life. Let the mistakes go. This should be the happiest day of your entire life; make an effort to let go of the little things and keep a positive attitude. If your flowers don't make it, or your caterer is late just stay calm and remember that all your guests love you and are there to celebrate you.

Your wedding should be the best day of your life. Make sure you keep the big picture in mind and are prepared to go with the flow. For more advice on keeping your big day stress free, follow us on Twitter at @bridalbprint. We can't wait to hear what you want to learn about next! Happy wedding planning!

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