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Planning Tips and Tricks

Alyssa McClure - May 23, 2015

One of the most important goals of Bridal Blueprint is to help couples plan the wedding of their dreams without being financially and or creatively tied to a wedding planner. Still, even the most detailed wedding blueprint can't answer every question (Don't know what a blueprint is? Check out what we're all about!). That's why we have this blog - to take care of those extra things you may not have considered. So here are a few wedding planner tips and tricks to make your big day look and feel professionally perfected!

Choose the Right Cake to Cut

When I went to my first cake tasting, I tried the most incredible banana chocolate chip bourbon cake on earth. I'm a chocolate girl, so this cake was calling my name. After talking it over, we decided to make this the bottom layer of our cake, so we could cut into it and eat it. Luckily, before we finalized our decision I was given a wonderful reminder: I am clumsy. Having chocolate chip wedding cake sounded so great, but when you cut into a cake, it's inevitable that there will be some crumbs. In my opinion, one taste of chocolate isn't worth the risk of melting all over your dress or tux. A cake in the white shade is usually the wisest choice for you and your new spouse to cut. Not only is this significantly less risky, but a white/yellow cake makes for cleaner pictures rather than distracting the eye from what is important: the newlyweds.

Don't Forget Content on Your "Don't Play" List

So you emphatically instructed the DJ to NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES play the chicken dance, you're safe, right? Well, that is until one of your guests made a request and you are watching in horror as your ring bearer drops it low to "It's getting hot in here." If you're not interested in racy lyrics at your reception, you have to let the DJ know, so he can be prepared to handle requests and to successfully choose music that makes you happy. If you don't mind some explicit content, but you'd rather the language be taken out, ask for censored versions. You are allowed to play whatever kind of music you want, just be sure to let the DJ know what that is.

Eat Before Your Ceremony

I often hear brides say "I'm not going to eat anything all day until the reception, so I don't feel bloated in my dress." This is not a good idea. Whether you are bride or groom, you need some energy to get through this crazy day. I know you've spent hours and hours planning your reception dinner, but be prepared that it's a possibility you won't have time to eat much of it. Every single person at your wedding is there to see you and will want to speak to you. I've met very few couples who got to enjoy a full sit down dinner at their reception; don't risk going through the biggest day of your life with no food on your stomach. You don't have to eat a full Thanksgiving dinner, but grab a sandwich and some veggies, so you can enjoy your day to the fullest!

Pre-plan Your Clean-up Crew

This one only applies if you aren't using a paid decorator for your clean up. When your wedding is over and you make your exit to steal away to your honeymoon, the remains of your reception stay behind. I think I speak for your family and friends when I say that they don't want to be left alone to restore your venue to its original state. A few weeks before your wedding, try to find a few friends who wouldn't mind staying behind to clean up for you. Your family and bridal party have worked long and hard to prepare you for the big day, so try to choose people who aren't in the wedding. Once you have chosen your crew, it is kind to show your appreciation with a small gift. Choose people you trust because most venues will keep your security deposit or charge an additional cleaning fee if the space is returned in poor condition.

None of these tips are requirements, but they will certainly make your wedding easier and cleaner. If you need some more help, subscribe to our newsletter for weekly tips and check out these blogs to find the answers to some of the toughest wedding planning questions and learn which traditions are really required! Let us know how else we can help by Tweeting at @bridalbprint, commenting below, or finding us on Facebook! We want to do whatever we can to help you feel as prepared as possible, so don't hesitate to reach out. We hope these tips and tricks are helpful, and as always, happy planning!

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