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How to Theme Your Wedding

Alyssa McClure - June 13, 2015

There is a phrase I hear brides say almost every day. Let's just say if I had a dollar for every time it, I'd be writing this blog from somewhere much more tropical. The phrase is: "I just want my wedding to be different." Every bride wants their big day to be special and unique. One of the best ways to make your wedding stand out is very simple: give your wedding a theme. It can be Star Wars, Great Gatsby, masquerade, etc. A theme gives you direction and gives your guests something to really remember. Themes can be classy and fabulous, but they can also get out of hand. Here are a few ways to make sure your themed nuptials are perfectly planned.

Be Consistent

If you want to theme your wedding, choose one and stick to it. I saw a wedding on television recently where the couple wanted to have a theme, but they couldn't decide on just a single idea and so they incorporated a little of every thematic concept they liked. One theme was moustaches; they had moustaches on the cake, the napkins, the straws, and all over their decor. They were also huge star wars fans, so they carried around light sabers and danced to music from the films. The two concepts were confusing and didn't make any sense together. Because the couple tried to do everything, neither idea was realized in an effective way. With one theme your guests will understand what kind of evening you have planned. You can use your theme to influence many aspects of your wedding. As long as your theme is clear and consistent, guests will be able to enjoy it.

Know When to Stop

Being consistent doesn't mean you have to drown your guests in thematic material. Let's go back to the Star Wars wedding for a minute. I have seen some absolutely gorgeous Star Wars themed weddings. What that means is that they had Luke and Leia cake toppers, passed out light sabers at the reception, wore Millennium Falcon cufflinks, and many other sweet, classy touches. Subtle hints of your theme in every area are the best way to pull off a motif. Just because you're huge star wars fans, however, doesn't mean you need to walk down the aisle dressed as Chewbacca. This is your wedding, and your wedding has value. Know when to inject your theme, and when to hold back and let your love be the star of the show.

Let Your Guests be Involved in the Theme

One of the most important things a theme should do is transport your guests to another world. Whether that be a world from film, literature, or even just another decade, you are creating an experience. There is no better way to get your theme across than to involve your guests. Think through your concept and how your friends and family can be included. Try to make them feel that they are living the real experience. If, for example, you have decided to go with an old Hollywood theme, have a red carpet for your guests to walk while they take pictures. Anything that involves the guest's direct participation should be themed. So a photo booth should have props or backdrops related to your theme, your cocktails can have specialty names, etc. The best way to include guests is, in my opinion, costumes. If your wedding is Great Gatsby themed, ask your guests to come dressed as flappers or mobsters. If it's a masquerade, don't forget to provide some masks! These little touches will make your wedding come alive and be so much more memorable.

Don't Let the Theme be More Important than the Marriage

Like I said before, a wedding has value. Your marriage is a gift and a privilege that is meaningful and life changing, so most importantly, your wedding needs to reflects who you are as a couple. Be careful that you don't let your theme cause you to make decisions that take away from your personalities. You want to remember your wedding as a celebration of your love, don't let anything else take away from that.

Themed weddings can be whimsical, beautiful, and incredibly fun. They are the kind of parties your guests actually want to go to. It can be very easy to either be too subtle or too over the top, but as long as you are consistent and true to you, your themed nuptials will be the event of the year! For more advice on planning your big day, subscribe to our newsletter, comment below, find us on Facebook, or send us a Tweet at @bridalbprint. If you want something non-traditional, but aren't sold on a themed wedding, learn how to plan a destination wedding! But, if Star Wars is your thing, and we convinced you that a themed wedding can be done, you're in luck! We have a blog series that includes the best Star Wars wedding attire for brides, the best Star Wars wedding attire for grooms, and we're currently working on one for Star Wars themed decor! We can't wait to hear about the amazing wedding you're planning!

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