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Top 10 Star Wars Wedding Ideas for Him

Alyssa McClure - December 5, 2015

We don't know about you, but we're counting down the days (and minutes) until "The Force Awakens" comes out. With so much Star Wars hype in the air, we're hearing a lot of couples who want themed weddings. There are plenty of ways to feel the force on your wedding day without wearing a Darth Vader mask down the aisle. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for some Star Wars themed men's wedding fashion!

1. Rebel Alliance Tie
navy and red rebel alliance skinny tie

Obviously, the easiest way dress for you Star Wars Nuptials is to spice up your tie. There are literally thousands of Star Wars tie options, but we love something simple like this Rebel Alliance Tie. And if you don't side with the rebels, you can get one to show your support of the Empire!

2. AT-AT Walker Socks
realistic AT-AT long socks

Of course, you don't have to settle for just a tie, even if you're sticking with the subtle nods. We're also loving these realistic AT-AT Walker socks! Not only will they keep warm on your next trip to the ice planet of Hoth, but they are way cooler than your typical, cartoon style sock designs.

3. Han Solo Vest
Han Solo replica vest

Vests instead of jackets are huge in the wedding world right now. They're comfortable, give a slightly more casual feel, and have a modern look. Stay on trend while keeping with your theme with this Han Solo vest! Of course, we don't recommend the utility belt to go with it, but who doesn't want to look like Harrison Ford?

4. Stylish Stormtrooper Cufflinks
silver Stormtrooper cufflinks with bowties

Why choose any old Star Wars cufflinks when these Storm Troopers are already dressed up for you? And while you're at it, why not grab a couple pairs as your groomsmen gifts? They're unique, and your groomsmen will always think of your big day while wearing them!

5. Millennium Falcon Button-Up
Star Wars button-up with star destroyers the Millenium Falcon and X-wing

We love this Star Wars button-up. It would be perfect under a vest for the wedding, or to change into for the reception. The print is small and dark making it a great, but potentially subtle way to express your love for Star Wars.

6. Lightsaber Tie Bar
tie bar shaped like a lightsaber

We think it's pretty much beyond argument that this is the coolest tie bar ever. Not only would it be perfect for you, but this would make an unbelievably great groomsmen gift! With the options of this or the Stormtrooper cufflinks, your groomsmen are going to leave with more than just great memories!

7. Darth Vader Vans
black Vans shoes with Darth Vader

Wearing Vans or other sneakers on your wedding day is becoming more and more popular with men who want that more laid back feel. Bring the force to your casual wedding with these awesome Darth Vader Vans! While subtle, once others notice the Supreme Commander himself, you'll definitely be getting some compliments!

8. Star Wars Boxers
black boxers with a line of Stormtroopers

Take your love of Star Wars to the most personal level with these awesome boxers. The best part? They're only $8.99!

9. Death Star Watch
blue and silver feathered R2-D2 headpiece

Speaking of things you can wear again (or wear everyday), never be late on a payment to Jabba the Hutt again with this Death Star watch!

10. Droid Wedding Ring
silver wedding band with blue line to look like a droid

For the truest of all Star Wars fans, this cool droid inspired wedding band will help you carry the force with you forever! Plus, it'll always make you smile out of thoughts of your fiancee and everyone's favorite robot friend, R2-D2!

If you need a little more inspiration, check out the rest of our Star Wars wedding series! Right now, we have Star Wars ideas for her, and we have Star Wars wedding decor in the works! If you decide a Star Wars wedding is right for you, be sure to check out our blog on how to theme your wedding for some important tips! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for weekly tips, and as always, happy wedding planning!

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