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Top 10 Star Wars Wedding Ideas for Her

Alyssa McClure - December 4, 2015

Does The Force Awakens have you excited enough to plan a Star Wars themed wedding? You want your theme to be clear and obvious... but Princess Leia's hair only looks good on Carrie Fischer. So what do you wear to your perfect galactic day? We have a ton of options for you to fulfill your theme while still looking classy and gorgeous!

1. Star Wars Wedding Shoes
blue Star Wars heels

Not only are these shoes beautiful and unique, they can also be your something blue! The best part? They're made by hand at the Etsy shop Siegda and are available in heels, flats, and the most adorable wedges! Even if you're not ready to fully commit to a Star Wars themed wedding, you could still pull these off on your big day!

2. Stormtrooper Earrings
gold Stormtrooper earrings with crystal

These bedazzled Storm Trooper earrings are so fabulous you'll almost forget they are only $29.95 on Home Shopping Network! And for you guys out there, these would make a great Christmas or birthday gift if your fiancée is as big of a Star Wars fan as you!

3. Star Wars Nail Wrap
Star Wars nail wraps with character images

We love cool, different manicures. That's why we love these Star Wars nail wraps from the AMnails Etsy shop! Use one on every finger, or just do a few here and there! We love the idea of doing just one on each ring finger!

4. Darth Vader Garter
blue Darth Vader wedding garter with Stormtrooper toss garter

We're basically obsessed with this Darth Vader garter. Handmade by the Etsy store GeekyGarters, they match classy femininity with your Star Wars passion! It even comes with a Stormtrooper toss garter, so you can keep yours forever!

5. Padme Amidala Lake Dress
custom made Queen Amidala lake dress replica

That's right, it exists. This Queen Amidala replica gown really can be yours, if you're bold and devoted. We have to admit, the dress is pretty fabulous (especially that back)! Get it made for you at FabricPuddles on Etsy!

6. Kay Jewelers C-3PO Charm Bracelet
gold C-3PO charm bracelet from Kay Jewelers

Believe it or not, Kay Jewelers has an incredible collection of Star Wars jewelry. The centerpiece of their series is a beautiful charm bracelet. We love the gold, so we chose the C-3PO charm! But don't worry, R2-D2 isn't left out. You can also pick up some cute R2-D2 earrings to keep C-3PO company!

7. Millennium Falcon Clutch
beige handmade Millenium Falcon clutch

So it's starting to seem like we only looked on Etsy, but they just have everything! How classy and gorgeous is this Millennium Falcon clutch from DaraFord? We're in love.

8. Stormtrooper Dress
white and black Stormtrooper dress from Macy's

It looks like Macy's is siding with the Empire, but that's good news for us because it means we got this amazing Stormtrooper dress! Still looking for a dress for your rehearsal dinner, a short sexy change for the reception, or even just a getaway dress right before you leave? This little number is here to save the day!

9. R2-D2 Headpiece
blue and silver feathered R2-D2 headpiece

Veils aren't for you? Wanting to switch to something a little more fun for your reception? This headpiece is a stunning option to make your Star Wars themed nuptials elegant and fabulous! Made by hand at KaticesBowtique on Etsy!

10. R2-D2 Engagement Ring
white gold R2-D2 inspired engagement ring with sapphires and diamonds

Not only is this ring perfect for the Star Wars enthusiast, but it's also beautiful. We love the striking sapphires and white gold. Everyone will be in awe of this amazing creation by PaulMichaelDesign on Etsy! Plus, who hasn't been jealous of C-3PO for all the time he gets to spend with R2-D2?

If you need a little more inspiration, be on the lookout for the rest of our Star Wars wedding series! Up next, we have Star Wars wedding ideas for him, and then we'll wrap things up with Star Wars wedding decor! If you decide a Star Wars wedding is right for you, be sure to check out our blog on how to theme your wedding for some important tips! Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for weekly tips, and as always, happy wedding planning!

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